"Honestly"   £1100
"We should do it again"   SOLD
"Top up?"   SOLD
"I don't know about you, but ..."    £1100
"Finally"   £1500
"Absolutely spot on"   £1100
"Not a hope"   SOLD
"Did we book a cab?"   £1250
"Where are you sitting"   £1100
"I think we should"    £1100
"Well if I was you"   £950
"Well that hit the spot"   £950
"I can't imagine why not" £750
"In an ideal world"   SOLD
"Thank you"   £1100
"Can you just imagine?"  £1100
"On the other hand"   £750
"I couldn't agree more"   £250
"That's outrageous"   £950
"Where were we?"  SOLD
"Of course you can"   £950
"And then before we knew it..."   £750
"Why the hell not?"  SOLD
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