Kate works from a small home-based studio in the-middle-of-nowhere-Leicestershire, just over an hour’s train ride north of London. Having graduated in Fine Art from Bristol Polytechnic in 1993 and pursued a successful career in TV, film and video production, Kate reconnected fully with painting in 2015 and is a member of the artists’ collective ArtCan.

Boldly-coloured, figurative and sometimes mischievous, her work is inspired by the transitory urban experience - particularly the people and possible stories she glimpses on bustling streets, across crowded squares and in vibrant eating/drinking haunts.

Often the paintings celebrate the fact that we still very much need to connect with others and socialise face to face. Other times they reflect more broadly, and with a wry smile, on the ways in which we strive and thrive in the hurly-burly of now. Sometimes it’s just about taking time to notice the simple pleasures and idiosyncrasies of life.

Kate paints with soft body acrylic on deep-edged canvas. Her signature approach features monochrome tonal areas or elements, patiently created by applying multiple layers and touches of translucent white. It also combines what she loves: strong colours and contrasts, bold shapes and angles, the expressive potential of the human form, the descriptive play and variety of light, the evocative nature of everyday objects and text/titles that (sometimes cheekily) resonate.

The goal with every picture is to create a moment or scene that you can enjoy on a purely visual level and later pause to reflect on in your own way.

If you’d like to know more from Kate, please do get in touch.