"Not quite the same without you."  £1250
"Bottoms up!"  SOLD
"What are the options?"  £1250
"At the end of the day..."  £1250
"No, go on; you were saying..."  £750
"Apparently so..."  £1100
"Do you remember?"  £1250
"Would you like one?"  £1250
"Good evening."  £1250
"Good morning."  £1250
"Your go to break."  £150
"Suck it and see."  £750
"Whose turn is it?"  £750
"Third time lucky, I guess."  £950
"We should do it again."  SOLD
"Top up?"  SOLD
"I think we should."  £1100
"Where are you sitting?"  £1100
"Well if I was you..."  £950
"Well that hit the spot."  £950
"In an ideal world..."  SOLD
"Of course you can."  £950
"Where were we?"  SOLD
"Why the hell not?"  SOLD
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