Born in Peterborough, England in 1971, Kate spent most of her childhood armed with pads of A4 paper and a menagerie of drawing stuff.

At the end of her teens she set off for a fine art degree in painting and printmaking at Bristol Polytechnic.  Graduating in 1993, she won the Off-Centre etching prize and had a sell-out degree show - reflecting the social interactions she'd observed in the city’s bars and cafes.  This preoccupation with presenting narratives meant film and TV had become a natural parallel interest and Kate soon engineered a move to London where she enjoyed a busy and successful career in production and post-production roles on various series and movies. 

The arrival of kids prompted a shift out of London to the rural East Midlands, a directorship in a corporate film company and a serious re-engagement with making art. Kate soon found herself being asked to undertake commissions and also took the opportunity to create and deliver an extra-curricular art class for a local private primary school. 

At the same time Kate was diligently experimenting with technique and subject in order to develop and refine her own personal approach.  Her portfolio now shows a distinctive combination of the painterly and graphic with bold colour and strong shape. It also shows her continued fascination with the activity of social spaces and the value of human beings spending real time together, face to face.