The paintings I've been working since around 2015, tentatively called "Ghosts of a Good Time", are inspired by two linked ideas: 

Physically-present social interaction protects our personal and communal sense of well-being and belonging.

Socially fluid spaces like bars, cafes and restaurants help us experience and enjoy real-time, real-space with others.

Some pictures are "wide-shots" that try to capture a sense of space, atmosphere or social composition.  Others are "close-ups" from scenes about to start, in the midst of the action or only just over. The title of each painting is an invented line of dialogue; one I think could easily be said within the world of the picture and something that might also resonate with a viewer's own experiences.


"Physiological immunity, enhanced learning, and the restorative power of mutual trust derive from face-to-face contact"                

Susan Pinker, developmental psychologist


"Human relationships are rich, messy and demanding.  When we clean them up with technology, we move from conversation to the  efficiencies of mere connection"                                                                                                                                

Sherry Turkle, Professor of Social Studies of Science & Technology, MIT


"You and I will be around a lot longer than Twitter, and nothing substitutes face to face."                                                          

Rob Delaney, comedian & writer


"People use restaurants as public spaces to do private things."  

Ruth Rogers, restaurateur